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Burton F/W 2013 lookbook

Brooks Brothers Fall/Winter 2013 Campaign
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— Paul Rudd on tattoos, in an interview with Grantland (via gq)

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6 Train, Bleecker Street, 5:04pm

You know… I catch a lot of shit. Mostly from a small group of people, but it’s enough to make me bitter. You have one bad run-in with someone, and it spreads like a drop of poison in the waters you swim. It’s unfortunate, but that’s why you have to be careful with who you associate with. 

Most people see me as a nice guy. I’m offended when people don’t, because I’m never intentionally sour to anyone. Even those I should be. I still extend a hand, still hope for them, and still wish them well. I always leave the door open. Maybe we can’t be friends, and that’s perfectly fine. But I won’t carry around some grudge for the meer fact that you do yourself. 

I think a lot of times people convince themselves of what they see- with no aid of our own to persuade them. It’s the way people operate. 

The truth is… I want everyone happy. That’s my wish. That we all end up happy. Sooner rather than later. Whatever that takes - as long as it happens. I’m not a bad person. I’ve always felt my job here on Earth is to make people happy, and up until recent, I’ve always done a very good job of living to that purpose. I will continue to do so again. 

I’m going to be happy, regardless. Because that’s what happens when you let the hate go. When you hold no bad feelings for anyone. 

Are there people I’m greatly disappointed in? Of course. Are there people that annoy me? People I think are full of shit? Doing wrong? Yes.  But I understand they’re just people. And that’s what people do. They fuck up. They learn from it. You just have to let them. They’ll show you they are who you want them to be, if you just let them. 

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82/365 Rat Pack on Flickr.
Rat Pack by SHAG!
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My favorites from The Great Gatsby Collection by Brooks Brothers

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J.Crew plus shoes Cole Haan